What Does Temu Mean On Snapchat? Answer


What Does Temu Mean On Snapchat? Answer

Did you see “Temu” on Snapchat and you are not sure what it means?

If you did, then you may have seen it on a story post advertising a product for sale, or in a text.

The term has become quite common on Snapchat, especially on the e-commerce side; that is why you may have noticed it.

Temu can also be used in Snapchat texting between friends.

You will usually see it trending with the following hashtags: #TemuFinds, #TemuHaul, #TemuFav on random videos or the ones related to product reviews, or fashion hauls.

The hashtag, #TemuFinds, has over 100 million views; while the views on #TemuHaul are slightly higher.

In this post, you will learn the meaning of Temu on Snapchat and other information associated with Temu.

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What Does Temu Mean On Snapchat?


Originally, Temu is an online marketplace where you can shop for home essentials, clothing, fashion accessories, and more at affordable prices; it is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

However, Temu can mean almost on Snapchat, it depends on the context in which it is being used.

Temu in Snapchat texting could be slang for ‘To hang out’, ‘To meet you’, or even ‘Too excited to meet you’.

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While Temu in a hashtag like #TemuFinds, #TemuHaul, and #TemuFav on a Snapchat video means that the items that the poster is showing were purchased from the Temu marketplace.


Using any of the hashtags on your videos would increase the visibility, anyone who searches the hashtags would see your video amongst other videos.

But using hashtags on a video on any platform does not guarantee instant likes and views increase, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered.



The term Temu is originally the name of an online marketplace where household and fashion items can be bought, it is quite similar to Shein, Depop, and the rest.

The term has become popular on Snapchat over the years, trending with the hashtags #TemuFinds, #TemuHaul, and #TemuFav; if you even search for ‘Temu’ using the search bar on Snapchat you will likely see a lot more hashtags related to it.

However, most of the videos you might see with any of the Temu hashtags may be promotional; meaning that the poster might earn a commission if you buy with their code or link.

So always do your own research before purchasing any Temu recommendations.

Apart from product review videos, ‘Temu’ have been appearing on regular Snapchat stories and even in texting which is believed to mean ‘To hang out’, ‘To meet you’, or even ‘Too excited to meet you’.

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