5 Ways To Troubleshoot If Your Pokerstars App Is Not Working

5 Ways To Troubleshoot If Your Pokerstars App Is Not Working
Ways To Troubleshoot If Your Pokerstars App Is Not Working

Is your PokerStars app not working especially following the latest app update?


The PokerStars mobile app lets you play poker games online with real players in which you can also win real money.

The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Their leaderboards and tournaments are almost as competitive as Duolingo’s, but there are still fun ways to show off your skills to other PokerStars players.

Some of the games you can play on the PokerStars app include Texas Hold ’em, Omaha Poker, and a host of others.


In this post, you will be learning all the troubleshooting tips you use can to fix the PokerStars app not working.

Why Is The PokerStars App Not Working?

If you have been experiencing issues on the PokerStars app, especially after an update, it could be happening for a lot of reasons.

Firstly, the PokerStars servers might be down, you can use this website to check their server status.

If you are experiencing issues while playing the daily games or trying to collect trophies, this might be happening because of a slow internet connection.

Another reason may be due to cache or junk data that the app may have accumulated over time from constant usage.

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These cache or junk data if not occasionally cleared can slow down the normal functionality of any app.

In rare cases, random glitches can alter the normal functionality of an app even after, this is usually fixed by downloading a downgrade of the app.

How To Fix PokerStars App Not Working

To fix the PokerStars app not working, you need to update the app if you have not done that already.

If you had already updated the PokerStars app, clearing the app’s cache data have been reported to have fixed this.

Also, switching to a fast internet connection can make the game easier to play, with no lags.

Other troubleshooting methods include downloading a downgrade of the PokerStars app, and contacting customer support.

1. Update the PokerStars app

The first thing you will need to do is update your PokerStars app.

Doing this will keep some of the features currently in the app updated and may fix some malfunctions too.

To do this, go to the App Store designated to your device (iOS or Android).

Type ‘PokerStars’ in the search bar, from the results, select the app you have installed already; check if there are any updates available and install it.

2. Clear cache data on the app

If you were not able to install an update due to it not being available, you can opt for clearing cache data on the app.

The purpose of doing this is almost to give the same results as updating the app.

To clear cache data on your PokerStars app using an Android, close the app completely, tap, and hold on to the app till you see “App info”.

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Tap on “App info” select “Storage” and then tap on “Clear cache”

For PokerStars iOS app users, you can clear its cache data by closing the app and then going to the Settings app.

Tap on “General” and then on “iPhone Storage”, you will then see all the apps you have installed on your device.

You will need to scroll to find the PokerStars app, tap on it, select “Offload App”

Offloading an app on iOS will free up storage taken up by an app including cache data by uninstalling it but keeping all the data related to it.

But you will need to install the app again, then the data saved by your iOS device will be placed back in the app minus cache data.

3. Switch to a faster internet connection

As we mentioned, if your internet is slow, you might find it hard to load some features on the PokerStars app.

You can test the strength of your internet by loading images on Instagram or using this tool.

To fix this, you need to switch to a faster internet connection or even a mobile hotspot.

4. Downgrade the PokerStars app

Sometimes when an app starts malfunctioning, updating it or clearing the cache data may not be the solution.

And not all features that come with every app update might be compatible with our device.

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This is where downgrading the app comes in; it is safe to do.

The only downside is that you will have to settle for a lot of old features

To downgrade the PokerStars app, go to this website, scroll down to “Older versions” and install any one of them you want.

5. Contact PokerStars customer support

Contacting customer support is usually the last resort to most app troubleshooting guides.

This is because they will help you dig further to investigate the cause of any malfunction in your app, whether it is from their end or yours.

You can contact PokerStars customer support through their website.

Or you can just call or email them at 44 123 456 7890 and support@Pokerstars.com respectively.


And that is how you can troubleshoot most of the issues you may encounter while using the PokerStars mobile app.

All the troubleshooting guides listed in this post can be manually done by just about anyone.

However, if none of the guides worked for you, you will need to consider the fifth solution in this post.

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