Fully Funded Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program in the USA for 2023/2024

Undergraduate Tunisian students who are enrolled full-time in colleges or universities and intend to pursue one academic year of non-degree study at a university or college in the United States are encouraged to apply via the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program. The beneficiaries of this program get assistance with their expenses for housing and tuition. Students that are interested in applying should do so before the deadline.

The Thomas Jefferson Scholarship in the USA fosters economic growth, stability, and democratic progress in Tunisia by arming a network of young people with the abilities to create good change in their professional sectors and communities. Through academic opportunity, professional involvement, and leadership development, this is accomplished.

The Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program is made possible by the exceptional support of the American people, as directed via the US Department of State and carried out through IREX. Participants are selected via an open, merit-based competition.

About Thomas Jefferson

The International Research & Exchanges Board is a global NGO that focuses on international education and development (IREX). IREX has partnerships with more than 100 countries. In 1968, IREX was established via a partnership between the US Department of State, the Ford Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, and the American Council of Learned Societies. IREX enabled intellectual exchanges between the US and the USSR prior to the breakdown of the Iron Curtain.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, IREX initiated projects to support democratic transitions and strengthen organizations. IREX oversaw projects that promoted civil society development, internet access expansion, media organization support, journalist training and assistance, and educational exchange.

IREX develops and implements programs with an emphasis on youth, media, technology, gender, governance, and civil society. These programs include the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, the World Smarts STEM Challenge, and Learn to Discern, which has gained notoriety for its approach of aiding individuals in spotting fake news and incorrect information.

Benefits of the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program

The United States provides all of the funding for the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program.

Eligibility for Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program

Candidates who want to be considered for the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program must:

  • be a resident of or a citizen of Tunisia.
  • be 18 years old or older by July 1st, 2023.
  • possess a J-1 visa for the United States;
  • be enrolled full-time as an undergraduate at a university or other institution, with a graduation date of summer 2024 or later.
  • complete the previous academic year and be in good standing to study in the US.
  • attain a minimum TOEFL score of 500.
  • be determined to go back to Tunisia after the program is through

How to Apply

Candidates for the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program in the United States must submit an online application. Candidates must include the names and addresses of two references. All application materials must be sent in their entirety in one bundle. The selection committee will only receive applications that are fully completed.

Official Website

Application Deadline: November 30, 2023.

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