10 Friut-Picking jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2023

10 Friut-Picking jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2023

10 Friut-Picking jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2023


Canada’s picturesque landscapes are home to bountiful orchards and farms, offering a plethora of fruit-picking opportunities. For those seeking a unique and fulfilling job experience, fruit-picking in Canada with visa sponsorship presents an attractive option in 2023. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of ten fruit-picking jobs, the visa sponsorship process, and insights into the personal experiences of those who have embarked on this adventure.

List of 10 Friut-Picking jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2023

1. Apple Orchards – Crisp and Juicy Delights:

The aroma of freshly picked apples fills the air as you step into the vast apple orchards of Canada. From the thriving province of Ontario to the scenic beauty of British Columbia, apple-picking jobs offer seasonal employment with a visa sponsorship opportunity. The work involves plucking ripe apples from the trees, sorting them, and preparing them for distribution.

Personal Experience: Sarah, a traveler from Australia, found herself amidst the stunning apple orchards of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. She recounts her joy in handpicking the finest apples and forming lasting friendships with fellow pickers from around the globe.

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2. Strawberry Fields – Sweet Red Gems:

Strawberry-picking jobs are a delight for those who have a fondness for these sweet, red gems. Canada’s maritime provinces and Ontario are renowned for their luscious strawberry fields that offer seasonal work and visa sponsorship. Working in strawberry fields involves harvesting the fruit with care and precision, ensuring they reach the market in pristine condition.

Personal Experience: Javier, a student from Spain, spent his summer in Nova Scotia picking strawberries. He cherishes the long sunny days spent plucking strawberries and being mesmerized by the breathtaking coastal scenery.


3. Blueberry Farms – A Burst of Antioxidants:

Venture into the vast blueberry farms of Canada, primarily situated in provinces like Nova Scotia, Quebec, and British Columbia. Blueberry-picking jobs are in high demand during the summer months and provide opportunities for visa sponsorship. The job entails carefully harvesting blueberries to ensure their quality and taste.

Personal Experience: Emily, an adventure enthusiast from the United States, explored the blueberry fields in Quebec. Amidst the rolling hills and blueberry bushes, she felt a sense of tranquility and satisfaction as she contributed to the nation’s agricultural richness.

4. Cherry Orchards – Red and Ripe Treasures:

British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley boasts picturesque cherry orchards that attract pickers from around the world. Cherry-picking jobs offer a visa sponsorship gateway, allowing workers to indulge in the splendor of nature while plucking the finest cherries to be enjoyed globally.

Personal Experience: Paulo, a traveler from Brazil, fulfilled his dream of visiting Canada while working in a cherry orchard. The experience of witnessing the sunset over the orchards and enjoying cherry-picking made it an unforgettable journey for him.

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5. Grape Vineyards – Crafting Wines:

For those with a passion for wine and vineyards, grape-picking jobs in Canada’s wine-producing regions like Ontario and British Columbia can be an enticing opportunity. Visa sponsorship is often available for seasonal work in vineyards, where pickers assist in harvesting grapes for the winemaking process.

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Personal Experience: Isabella, an Italian connoisseur, embraced her love for wine and adventure in Canada. She reminisces about the camaraderie among grape pickers and the beauty of the vineyards that left a lasting impression on her heart.

6. Raspberry Orchards – Sweet and Succulent:

The raspberry orchards in Canada, particularly in British Columbia and Ontario, offer seasonal employment for fruit pickers. Raspberries are delicate fruits that require gentle handling during harvest to maintain their freshness.

Personal Experience: Daniel, an avid traveler from Germany, spent a summer in Ontario picking raspberries. He fondly recalls the rustic charm of the orchards and the joy of tasting freshly picked raspberries straight from the bush.

7. Cranberry Bogs – Vibrant Red Sea:

Venturing into the cranberry bogs of Canada, especially in provinces like Quebec and British Columbia, provides an opportunity to witness the mesmerizing sight of crimson cranberries floating on water. Visa sponsorship is available for those seeking seasonal work in cranberry harvesting.

Personal Experience: Rachel, an adventure seeker from the United Kingdom, immersed herself in the vibrant world of cranberry bogs. She recounts the unique experience of wading through water to collect cranberries and the thrill of being surrounded by a sea of red.

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8. Peach Orchards – Summer’s Delight:

Peach-picking jobs in Canada, primarily in provinces like Ontario and British Columbia, offer a chance to savor the sweet and succulent taste of ripe peaches. Visa sponsorship is available for those eager to experience the joys of working in peach orchards.

Personal Experience: Miguel, a traveler from Mexico, spent a season in a peach orchard in Ontario. He marvels at the generosity of the orchard owners and the simple pleasure of biting into a juicy peach during breaks.

9. Plum Orchards – Juicy and Flavorful:

Canada’s plum orchards, particularly in regions like British Columbia and Ontario, beckon fruit enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Plum-picking jobs allow workers to experience the satisfaction of harvesting these juicy and flavorful fruits.

Personal Experience: Mei Ling, an explorer from China, joined a plum-picking team in British Columbia. She cherished the opportunity to learn about different plum varieties and the warmth of the local community.

10. Apricot Orchards – Golden Treasures:

Apricot-picking jobs offer a unique experience in Canada’s orchards, especially in regions like British Columbia. The golden apricots make for a delightful harvest, and visa sponsorship enables international workers to participate in this endeavor.

Personal Experience: Ahmad, a traveler from Saudi Arabia, discovered the charm of British Columbia’s apricot orchards. He embraced the challenges of apricot-picking and appreciated the cultural exchange with fellow workers.


Canada’s fruit-picking jobs with visa sponsorship in 2023 offer a rewarding and enriching experience for those seeking adventure and cultural immersion. From apple orchards in Ontario to apricot orchards in British Columbia, each opportunity promises unique memories and friendships that last a lifetime. By indulging in the beauty of nature and contributing to Canada’s agricultural heritage, fruit-picking jobs become much more than employment; they become a transformative journey for the soul. So, pack your bags and set forth on a fruitful expedition to Canada, where juicy treasures await!

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